♥ Wir haben das passende Geschenk rund um das Thema Liebe für euch! ♥, Wir haben unsere nächsten Produkte veröffentlicht. Rund um das Thema ♥ Liebe ♥., Copyright: 321geschenke.de

♥ We have the perfect love-themed gift for you! ♥

Driven by the first sales of our first products related to the theme Moving in, moving and living, we just kept going.

 Love, Valentine's Day and Wedding ♥ are perfect for from our point of view personalized gifts and pictures . Depending on the picture, you can personalize our pictures with your name or even a personal dedication . Our gift pictures are classic, modern, simple and partly in red and white or grey/black and white.

The dedication is sometimes even individually encrypted in a QR code. So you can say something very personal, maybe you'll make your own Marriage Proposal , and you can then hang the picture up in your home without it being immediately apparent what you said.

Do you prefer it classic? Then probably ours personalized pictures with hearts perfect for you. You can take these with you personalize your name . We offer pictures with the classic sign of love, the heart ♥, in different shapes, colors and sizes. From a red heart to a drawn heart that connects your names, everything is included. Perfect as Valentine's Day gift, gift for girlfriend, gift for boyfriend Etc.

You want it even more special? No problem! We embroider a red heart for you on high-quality paper and have added a romantic text. This creates a wonderful 3D look that is simply the eye-catcher in your own four walls. Best as Gift for Valentine's Day or just to make your partner happy.

Also as party favours at a wedding, ours are suitable personalized gifts and pictures also perfect. Not a run-of-the-mill gift, but something unique.

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