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Housewarming gifts: Bring joy to your new home
Congratulations on moving in! The new home is a place of security, well-being and togetherness with family and friends. With a personalized housewarming gift from , you can welcome the new residents and congratulate them on this special phase of their lives.

What are housewarming gifts?
Housewarming gifts are presents given to celebrate moving into a new home. They are meant to bring happiness and joy to the residents and help them set up and decorate their new home. Traditionally, gifts such as bread and salt symbolize prosperity and hospitality.

Why do people give housewarming gifts?
Moving into a new home is a big event. It is the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the residents. With a housewarming gift, you congratulate them on this important step and show your sympathy and support.

Why a personalized housewarming gift poster from
A personalized housewarming gift poster from is a unique and individual gift idea that the new residents will surely remember. Choose from a variety of motifs and designs the one that best suits the new home and residents.
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The Benefits of Personalized Housewarming Gift Posters
  • Individual and personal: With a personalized poster you give something unique that comes from the heart.
  • High quality and durable: Our posters are printed on high-quality photo paper, making them a long-lasting gift that residents can enjoy for years.
  • Large selection: We offer a large selection of motifs and designs so that you can find the right poster for every taste. With a variety of different colors, such as anthracite, white, gray or maritime blue.
  • Easy to order: Order your new personalized poster easily and conveniently here in the shop using the product configurator tool.
With a personalized housewarming gift poster from you give joy and memories that will last a lifetime.