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Definition Poster: Unique gifts with a personal touch
Give the gift of more than just words – give the gift of memories!
With our personalized definition posters from you are giving something very special: an individual work of art that is tailored to the recipient and will put a smile on their face.

What is a definition poster?
A definition poster is a minimalist poster that defines a word or term in a unique way. and is structured similarly to a Duden text. The definition can be humorous, inspirational or just personal. This creates an individual gift that reminds the recipient of something specific or simply brings him/her joy.

Why personalized definition posters from
Our definition posters are unique and individual. You can design each poster with a name, a nickname, a date, or any other word that has a special meaning to the recipient.

Choose the perfect poster for every taste from various designs and colors.

New! Photo poster with definitions:
Give your definition poster even more personality with a photo. With our new category “ Photo Posters with Definitions ” you have a lot to choose from.
Choose an image from your gallery or use one of our professional designs. In this way you create a truly unique piece that is guaranteed to impress the recipient.

Give the gift of memories that last
With a personalized definition poster from you are giving more than just a gift - you are giving memories that will last a lifetime.
Discover the variety of our definition posters now and find the perfect gift for your loved ones!