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Guest gifts: A small thank you for your guests
Show your guests your appreciation with an individual gift

Party favors are a nice tradition to say thank you for an invitation. They are a small token of appreciation and remembrance of a special occasion. Whether for a wedding, birthday, christening, topping-out ceremony or just a party - guest gifts are always well received.

What do you give as a guest gift?
The selection of party favors is large. For example, small sweets, scented candles, key rings or flowers are popular. Homemade gifts are also well received. It is important that the gift fits the occasion and the recipient.

Personalized party favors: unique and special
Personalized party favors are a great way to give your hosts something special. With an individual gift you show that you have thought about it and want to give them something personal.

Personalized guest gift posters from
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The advantages of personalized guest gift posters from
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