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A new home, a new poster: moving gifts with heart
Moving is an exciting adventure, but also a lot of work. With a personal moving gift , you can show friends and family that you are thinking of them and wish them luck in this new phase of life.

Why do you give something as a moving gift?
Moving is a big step in life. You leave familiar territory and enter new, unknown territory. This can be both scary and exciting. With a moving gift you can show your loved ones that you are by their side during this time and wish them all the best.

Moving gifts: What is well received?
Moving gifts should be practical , personal and stylish at the same time .
Here are a few ideas:
  • Vouchers for hardware stores, furniture stores or online shops
  • Tools and household utensils
  • Decorative elements for the new home
  • Personalized gifts such as a photo gift with a picture of the shell, the family, the GPS coordinates or an individual poster with the new house name.
  • Furnishings : Personalized furnishings will last through the move and make wonderful memories.
Personalized moving gifts from
With a personalized gift from you can show your loved ones that you have really put some thought into it. We offer a large selection of moving gifts that you can easily design according to your wishes.

The advantages of
  • Large selection of motifs and designs
  • High-quality materials and bright colors of the prints
  • Fast delivery and production from Germany
  • Easy online ordering with REAL TIME personalization
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