Craft ideas & craft instructions

Here you will find all of our craft ideas and instructions.

There are times when you want to make the gift yourself. Simply because you want it to come from you. That's why we have created crafting instructions for great gifts and will gradually add to these. We will then link directly to the materials we used for the crafted products. This gives you the opportunity to buy them directly, without having to search for a long time, and to make your gift using our crafting instructions.

Craft ideas & craft instructions: Give homemade gifts with heart

Craft instructions are step-by-step instructions that show you how to be creative and make beautiful decorations, gifts and accessories . Whether you are a beginner or already have experience in crafting, you will find a variety of instructions for every taste and occasion on our site.

Why do it yourself?

Homemade gifts are something very special. They show that you have put some thought into it and invested time and effort into giving something personal . Homemade things come from the heart and are therefore always a good choice if you want to give something individual .

Craft instructions for every occasion:

Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or just because - there's always an occasion to do some crafting. Here you'll find lots of different craft ideas for every occasion:

Discover our wide selection of craft instructions:

  • Easy & quick : Find simple craft ideas that you can recreate in just a few minutes.
  • For beginners : Discover tutorials that are also suitable for beginners.
  • With children : Do crafts with your children and spend time together.
  • Made from sustainable materials : Create gifts and decorations from sustainable materials.

With our crafting instructions, it's easy to get creative and make beautiful things yourself. Browse through our large selection of instructions and find the perfect idea for your next crafting project!

More gift ideas:

We hope you have fun crafting!

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