Every manufacturing company generates waste. We are aware of this.

To ensure that this is as environmentally friendly as possible, we take part in various systems to keep the burden as low as possible.

The dual system:

It's compulsory anyway, but not everyone takes part. For this reason, there is an imbalance in the dual system. We find that impossible.

Of course we license in the dual system and will continue to do so.

For more information, please contact our licenser, Bellandvision, a company of VEOLIA .

Climate-neutral shipping with DHL:

We pay a small contribution for every package that we send, so that the shipping can take place in a climate-neutral manner. We're happy to do that! You can get more information directly from DHL about their product GoGreen.

Recycling of our printer cartridges with HP Planet and Canon Recycling:

We print with HP and Canon large format printers. Both our machines/printers are from HP or Canon, as are the printer cartridges. HP and Canon not only guarantee long-lasting, rich colors but also recycle all cartridges with their in-house program HP planet and Canon Recycling . We think that's right and that's why we're taking part! You can get more information from HB and Canon .

Climate neutral hosting

Our online shop and the systems we use for order processing are climate-neutral.

Green electricity at our location

We obtain the electricity for our company as green "eco-electricity" that is 100% CO2 neutral. We also have a photovoltaic system which generates electricity and feeds it back into the grid.