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Personalized pictures with coordinates are the eye-catcher in the apartment. They are also ideal as housewarming gift, Moving gift, as Topping-out ceremony gift or to Inauguration.

Especially in new development areas or houses under construction, it can happen that we cannot assign the address you provide to a house with 100% accuracy. But this is our goal! That's why we sometimes ask you to give us the GPS coordinates directly using our tool.

Alternatively, you can tell us the longitude and latitude by setting a point on Google Maps. We can then convert these longitude and latitude into GPS coordinates with pinpoint accuracy. Alternatively, you can use our coordinate finder .

Would you rather find out the longitude and latitude information using Google Maps? Here's how you can do it:

Find longitude and latitude with Google Maps

Google Maps on your smartphone : Please tap the desired location once with your finger. The longitude and latitude will then appear at the top of the address bar.

Google Maps on PC/MAC : Please click once with the left mouse button on the desired location. The longitude and latitude will then appear in the bottom right of the image.

Do you want to see the GPS coordinates you created on personalized coordinate images? Then take a look at our matching images:

Personalized coordinate posters as a perfect gift. Various sizes and optionally with picture frame. Made in Germany.

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