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Gifts for the topping-out ceremony: tradition and modernity
The topping out ceremony is an important milestone in house construction – the shell is in place and the roof has been leveled. Traditionally, this is celebrated with a topping-out ceremony to which family, friends and neighbors are invited. But what do you give for the topping-out ceremony?

Traditional gifts for the topping out ceremony
Traditional topping out gifts include:
Good luck charm : A horseshoe, a chimney sweep or a four-leaf clover are said to bring good luck and blessings to the new home.
Tools : A hammer, pliers or a screwdriver are practical gifts for the builder that they can use as they continue to expand the house.
Cash gifts : A cash gift is always a good choice if you are not sure what the builders want.
Furnishings : Personalized furnishings such as posters last beyond the topping out ceremony and are a wonderful keepsake.

Personal gifts
With a personal gift you can show the client that you have put some thought into it. Here are some ideas:
A photo gift with a picture of the family and the date of the topping out ceremony, family or GPS coordinates.
A homemade gift such as a cake or jam.

Why do you give something as a gift for the topping-out ceremony?
A gift is given at the topping-out ceremony to congratulate the builder and wish them all the best for the future construction of the house. The gifts are intended to bring good luck and blessings while providing them with practical support.

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