🕊Die kreative Verpackung als Geldgeschenk zur Konfirmation / Firmung oder Kommunion!🕊, Findet ihr es nicht auch so unpersönlich, wenn man als Geldgeschenk lediglich den Schein “nur” in einen Umschlag steckt und ihn dann überreicht?Dann haben wir hier di

🕊The creative packaging as a monetary gift for confirmation or communion!🕊

You can customize the picture with your personal dedication and the names and simply fix the banknote to the poster with three rolled up Tesa strips on the side and in the middle of the banknote, so that you have the effect of a book page. Here's how to do it:

  1. Glue the Tesa film together into three rolls.
  2. Bend or roll the note so that two small waves are created. The adhesive areas are always on the wave.
  3. Place a piece of rolled adhesive tape on the left, middle and right of the banknote.
  4. If you now stick the note upside down onto the printed book, you will create the effect of a book page.
  5. After the celebration, the banknote can be carefully removed from the picture, so that there is now space for a photo of the special day. This photo can now be glued over the book. (Note: The photo should be in 13x17cm format.)
Adhesive tape_example

Apply the Tesa film to the left, middle and right edges.

Even afterwards, with the personal touch, it remains an eternal souvenir of the great day.

(*The product is sold without decoration/money. )

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