2 neue Definitions-Poster in unserem Sortiment

2 new definition posters in our range

We are constantly expanding our range of definition posters.
This time we would like to introduce you to the two new ones.
You can now customize the two images to suit you and personalize them with your own information.

The personalized definition poster "LOVE"
Definition poster LOVE

The dreamlike token of love for all those who have just fallen in love. But of course also for everyone else who wants to immortalize their love with a great poster of love. These loving words, which describe the feelings and the connectedness of the devotion of two people, find their place in this picture.
Of course you can put your name in the synonyms, so that this poster is even more individually tailored to you.

The personalized definition poster "KINDERGARTEN" Definition poster KINDERGARTEN

Are you a super great kindergarten group and would you like to show everyone that with a nice poster? This wall decoration picture, which you can ideally hang up in the entrance area, adapts perfectly to the colorful world of the day-care centers. It is kept in plain black and white, so that there are still many options for making it even more personal and maybe even more colorful for you.
What do you think about decorating the poster later with the kids' fingerprints? Then only you have something unique!

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