Das Poster mit dem “römischen Datum”, “Wenn ich mir endlich merken kann, wie man die Zahl 30 in römischen Zahlen schreibt, mache ich drei Kreuze😉”Möchtet ihr etwas verschenken, bei dem man nicht direkt erkennt, was drauf steht? , Copyright: 321geschenke.

The poster with the roman date

Why not write the common (wedding) date differently than you are used to?
With this poster you have the opportunity to immortalize your desired day with Roman numerals.
Just like the inscriptions in ancient times, your day should always be remembered. In addition, immortalized with the two names of the lovers, the poster becomes an absolute highlight and lets the dreamlike day be remembered forever. roman-date_detail view

Choose from the three colors: GRAY , White or ANTHRACITE/BLACK your desired background. With the different sizes and the choice of whether with or without a picture frame, you can configure your poster into your next eye-catcher in just a few minutes.

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