Der 1. Schultag steht vor der Tür...., Spare dabei 15% Rabatt auf unsere EINSCHULUNGSBILDER📚, Copyright:

The 1st day of school is just around the corner....

The first day of school is a very special milestone in the life of the I-male. To capture these unforgettable moments properly, we would like to share exciting news with you:

📚 From July 1st to July 23rd, 2023 we are offering you an exclusive 15% discount on our personalized enrollment pictures! 📚

Our personalized school enrollment pictures are not only beautiful keepsakes, they are also inspiring and motivating for first graders.

Now you're probably asking yourself: What makes these pictures so special?
Each picture is designed individually and only for you and tailored to you. You have the choice between many different colors, you can add the child's name, the date of the first day of school, the school name or even many personal characteristics. A true one-of-a-kind!

So take the opportunity now to give the little school starters a special present that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

Ordering is very simple: click here and choose your desired motif and personalize it according to your ideas.

We wish all I-Dötzchen a fantastic start to school.

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