Die Lieblingsstadt auf einem Poster - mal anders! --> Postleitzahlenposter, Verwandle euren Lieblingsort mit den Angaben der Postleitzahl zu einem wahren Hingucker!, Copyright: 321geschenke.de

Your favorite city on a poster - with a difference! --> Postcode poster

"My favorite place in this world is next to you!"

Immortalize this coordinates poster with your favorite place:
Be it the place where you met for the first time, or you live, or you experienced your very own story. It doesn't matter what! Because this common place is and always will be something special for you and you can capture it forever with this picture.

The great thing about this poster is that we don't write out the specified postal code as numbers, but as text. So it is not directly recognizable and lets the sight linger longer on the eye-catcher.

Supplemented with the advertised place or city and the corresponding GPS coordinates, it becomes a unique work of art and, with its minimalist design, fits perfectly into any home.

Postcode poster

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