Ein einzigartiges Geschenk für Patentanten und Patenonkel, Dieses personalisierte Bild ist nicht nur ein Geschenk für den Moment, sondern auch eine bleibende Erinnerung für Ewigkeit., Copyright: 321geschenke.de

A unique gift for godmothers and godfathers

Are you looking for a personal gift to ask the future godmother and future godfather to sponsor your baby?
Then we would like to show you our great option here:
Our personalized picture is personalized with your own ultrasound picture and the name of the godmother or godfather and is a very personal gift. It's a nice opportunity to ask the question, " Do you want to be my godmother?" ” or “ Do you want to be my godfather? " deliver.

You can order this poster in different formats: 13x18cm, DIN A4 and DIN A3. With or without a picture frame: Configure your wishes as you need them:

Do you have any questions? Then write to us using our contact form and we will help you!

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