Ein weihnachtlicher Jahresrückblick – VIELEN DANK FÜR DAS TOLLE JAHR 2018!, Wir schauen gerade zurück, auf ein tolles Jahr, welches in dieser für uns unglaublichen Vorweihnachtszeit gemündet hat., Copyright: 321geschenke.de

A Christmas review of the year – THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT YEAR 2018!

It makes us incredibly proud how much trust you place in us, in our pictures.

You ordered like crazy, our printers didn't seem to stand still. Orders were sometimes received every minute and we are glad that we were able to make you and your recipients happy.

We would especially like to thank those in 2018 who thanked and praised us in an email. Your encouragement has always motivated us. Just like the numerous great ones that have been handed in Reviews . Even in this hectic time, we still get emails with your really great words. We are simply speechless and very grateful for that!

It just occurs to us that we haven't even explained the featured image yet:

Although our yellow DHL Christmas elves are letting us down a little at the moment because the parcels are not being picked up reliably from us at the moment, we have to say: “Hats off.” No! only one of the hundreds of shipments was lost this year. And even in this peak phase, delivery works smoothly and reliably. Then we can also turn a blind eye and say: "Then we'll deliver it ourselves at the moment!" 😉

Here's to the year 2019 continuing like this...(except for the one with the parcel pick-up :)., it's allowed to work again)...

With this in mind, we wish you happy holidays and a good transition into 2019.

Sara & Patrick from 321gifts.com

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