Einzigartige Erinnerungen in einem Poster festhalten, Mit dem personalisierten Poster "UNSER HAUS" erhältst du eine individuelle Deko für dein Zuhause!, Copyright: 321geschenke.de

Capture unique memories in a poster

Are you looking for a very special gift or individual decoration for your home? Then take a look at our personalized picture "Our House" here!

Personalized_picture_our_house_grey in grey

in white

Personalized_picture_our_house_anthracite in anthracite/black

What makes this picture so special?

This personalized poster becomes a true family work of art by integrating the first names of all family members into the house icon, making the image a unique memory.

Another highlight of this product is the integrated GPS coordinates . These few numbers can have a lot of meaning, especially if they contain the exact location of your home. It is not only a decorative element, but also reminds you that this home is more than just four walls - it is a place full of stories and memories.

The poster is available in three different colors . This means you can adapt the design to your interior and personal preferences. Whether subtle white, warm gray or modern anthracite/black - here you will find the perfect color palette to harmoniously integrate the image into your living space.

Not only is it a wonderful gift idea for family and friends, but it is also a unique way to immortalize the bond between your loved ones at home forever. It not only captures the external appearance, but also the emotions and memories. Let this work of art become a permanent part of your home and order the poster here .

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