Das Motivationsposter für Erstklässler📚, Lasst den Schulanfang mit diesem Poster zu etwas ganz Besonderem werden!, Copyright: 321geschenke.de

The motivational poster for first graders📚

Let the children's eyes shine and give away this dreamlike mural for the start of school. A real encouragement for the new phase of life, which leaves a special memory of the big day even after several weeks and months.

This poster with the motivating sayings not only helps the I man to master the start of school with flying colours, but also lets him go through the day with renewed strength. With the positive words, it always remains a great eye-catcher as a wall decoration in the children's room.

The poster is available in 4 colors:

Color selection_finally school

You can also order the size in our usual formats. With or without a picture frame, with or without a passe-partout. Your choice. Just as it best fits into the future children's room.

Click on the picture and personalize the great poster with the nice wishes for school enrollment here:

Finally School_Product Image

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