***** Erste Bewertung bei DaWanda erhalten; 5 Sterne! *****, Endlich! Nach mehreren Verkäufen haben wir jetzt endlich unsere erste Bewertung erhalten., Copyright: 321geschenke.de

***** Received first rating from DaWanda; 5 Stars! *****

Finally we have customer feedback. We were rated 5 stars . Thanks!!!
Your feedback is extremely important to us. Without knowing what you think of our images and service, it's difficult to know if we're on the right track. We value your opinion all the more. If you discover something that shouldn't be, please contact us directly. We will find a solution!

Why? We strive to offer you excellent customer service, to respond quickly to your questions and always work in a solution-oriented manner. And if you have ordered something from us, we will produce your pictures as quickly as possible and then send them via DHL or Deutsche Post.
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