Eure Erste Million - Das perfekte Poster als Hochzeitsgeschenk, Anstatt typischer Geldgeschenke zur Hochzeit, unterstütz das Brautpaar mit ihrer ersten Million!, Copyright:

Your First Million - The perfect poster as a wedding gift

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Our personalized poster is not only a beautiful eye-catcher, but also a wonderful way to wish the newlyweds financial security and independence.

It can easily be equipped with 6x €10 bills, symbolic of the first step on the way to financial freedom. This symbolic gesture sends the message to the two lovers that they are on their way to the first million .

Our high-quality design and the elegant design make the poster a real eye-catcher. It is printed on high-quality 250g/m² photo paper and can easily be fitted with our ADDITIONALLY printed "Million" (6x €10 banknotes) after the real banknote has been removed. So the bridal couple can still hang up the poster and enjoy it (with the replica).

A true memory of the special day!

Application Image_Your-First-Million

Available in DIN A4 and DIN A3 formats.

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