Feature: leichtere Produktauswahl mit verschiedenen Varianten pro Produkt, Wir haben unseren Shop für euch übersichtlicher gestaltet!, Copyright: 321geschenke.de

Feature: Easier product selection with different variants per product

Previously we had presented all variants in our shop individually. This meant that we had a lot of products in our shop that looked the same. Why? We offer our personalized pictures in different variants. You can order these, for example, in various sizes, sometimes with a passe-partout, sometimes without a passe-partout, then with a picture frame and then without a picture frame. In this way, a large number of different products quickly come together. It was difficult to make a decision here at a glance. And now it's easier:

  • Our solution: We have built a product configurator for you! What does that mean? First and foremost, this means that you can now see the picture you want on the overview page. You can now see the price ranges in which the picture can be purchased. Why a price range? Because you can then configure the product the way you need it. So: You click on “ Select versionProduct overview
  • After you have clicked on "Select version", you will end up on the product detail page. We have already configured the product for you.
  • Is the default configuration exactly what you wanted? Place the picture directly in the shopping cart and complete the order! Or:
  • The default configuration doesn't meet your needs? Then you can adjust the configuration . Choose whether you want a picture frame or not, the size of the picture and whether it should be framed in a passe-partout. Now you see the final price plus shipping costs. Now put your configured product in the shopping cart and complete the order.

Product detail view_selected

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