Ganz neu eingetroffen – Das Babyposter REGENBOGEN, Mit unseren himmlisch schönen personalisierten Geburtspostern mit Regenbogen habt ihr die Möglichkeit, diesen besonderen Tag in ewiger Erinnerung festzuhalten. , Copyright:

Brand new - the baby poster RAINBOW

With the birth dates of the baby you will receive an individual and very personal decoration for the baby room.
Would you like to personalize the poster without the data and only with the name? - No problem, just let us know in your order and we will implement your wishes in the same way.

You have the option of choosing your desired tone from 3 colours. Choose between pink , blue or nature the color combination you like best.

RAINBOW poster_pink RAINBOW poster_blue RAINBOW poster_nature
You can get the lovingly designed birth announcement from us in the following sizes: 13x18cm, DIN A4 or DIN A3.
We offer you the option of selecting a suitable picture frame from us.
Be it a white or black frame, with or without a passe-partout. Order your product according to your ideas.

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