Geldgeschenk zur Hochzeit für das Brautpaar

Money gift for the wedding for the newlyweds

But the bridal couple wanted money for the honeymoon for the wedding and you don't just want to hand over an envelope and give something personal? Wouldn't it be even nicer if the gift didn't end up in the dustbin after the wedding and only the money was taken out? Perfect, then we have just the right thing for you 🙂 !

We have created a 23×23 cm picture which is placed in a deep frame of 25×25 cm. This frame is designed so deep that you can, for example, fold banknotes and then stick them into the picture (preferably with rolled adhesive tape, e.g. with “Tesa” ). Two folded heart-shaped banknotes fit easily into the picture. Instructions for folding a heart-shaped bill can be found at the bottom of the page. There are no limits to your creativity here! Whether rolled or in origami style as a work of art, everything is possible.

The personalized wedding date of the bridal couple and the first names of the bride and groom are of course printed on the picture!

Just as naturally, the image is still made in Germany and printed on high-quality material with long-lasting ink.

And now comes the trick:

You give away the picture and the bridal couple can remove the banknotes from the picture. So that it doesn't end up in the trash can, a standard 10×15 cm photo, for example from the wedding reception, fits in the open space. So the picture deserves a great place in the home of the bridal couple even after it has been given away.

Well, convinced? It's worth watching

Money gift pair of birdsMoney gift pair of birds

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