GPS Koordinaten erstellen leicht gemacht

Creating GPS coordinates made easy

All you have to do is enter the address in question in the search line above and the result is there. We give you the GPS / GMS coordinates as well as the degrees of latitude and longitude.

If the house hasn't existed for a very long time, it may not be found directly, but the next known house will be displayed. But that's not a problem! Then you can change the coordinate point with a “tap” or a “click” on the right spot and you have already created the correct GPS coordinates yourself.

Another highlight of our coordinate finder is the following:
For example, if you already have the latitude and longitude information, you can enter those as well and click on “Calculate Coordinates”. Our system then calculates the resulting GPS coordinates for you. The great thing is that you can control them directly. Our interactive map adapts to your input.

Create GPS coordinates yourself

Our GPS coordinate finder we have made it publicly available for you, as we also use it to create our coordinate images. Our personalized pictures are perfect as housewarming gifts, topping-out gifts or moving gifts. These pictures are also the perfect decoration for your own four walls. If you like, take a look at it directly. Create your desired coordinates and enter them in the ordering process, then it will be particularly quick. You can personalize both our “Home Sweet Home” pictures and our “Favourite place” pictures in addition to the GPS coordinates. Whether it's a dedication or the names of the residents, tell us what you would like in your picture and we'll create a unique picture just for you.

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