Dieses Liebesposter lässt euch erinnern..., Haltet mit diesem Poster eure gemeinsamen besonderen Momente fest., Copyright: 321geschenke.de

This love poster will remind you...

Isn't it true that personalized gifts are becoming more and more popular?
Because we agree, we have a particularly nice example for you here: The poster "In Love, Engaged, Married" - year

Here you have a great opportunity for you and your sweetheart to celebrate and record your special milestones in your relationship.

The poster will be designed with your three most important dates :
With the year of your first meeting, the year of your engagement and the year of your wedding. Your name will also come up. The result is a unique piece of art that symbolizes the love and connection between you.

A perfect gift for many occasions: for Valentine's Day, for a birthday or for a wedding - the poster is always a perfect choice for lovers.

Application image_in love-engaged-married

Our posters are printed on high quality paper and are available in a variety of sizes. So there is the right format for every living situation and every taste. Definitely for you too!
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