Individuelles Geschenk mit persönlicher Widmung verschenken, Sagt es mit euren eigenen Worten! Wusstet ihr das ihr bei vielen unserer Bilder eine persönliche Widmung aufdrucken könnt?, Copyright:

Give away an individual gift with a personal dedication

Tell me what you want to say in your own words. Not like everyone else. But very personally.

With many of our pictures you can do exactly that! We will print various personalized features (your names, date, etc.) onto the image. And if you want, we're happy to replace the standard text with your own words. So you can, just as you are, tell your recipient what you want. With your words! And not in the words of any designer from any corporation.

QR code image

Here you can place the dedication in different places. The two texts are visible under the QR code. But we also store your personal words behind the QR code, hidden from prying eyes
heart linked to name Your names associated with the heart are of course personalised. The text under the heart can be exchanged with your dedication. Be creative, surprise your partner with something very personal.
The names and the date are of course personalised. But the text under the endless loop can also be replaced with your own words. Time for personal words.
heart embroidered
The text under the hand-embroidered heart can be yours. Write your own dedication to your favorite person.
Birth Poster_Scrabble In addition to the variety of birth dates of the baby, such as birthday, weight, height, time and place of birth, we can also print a few personal words above the name on the picture. The name is glued on with real wood letters. handmade. PS: if you don't know something, we can simply omit the birth characteristic.
love picture
your names. your date your dedication. You can write your own words under your name and the red heart. And we put these on the picture. A great anniversary present ;)
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