Nie wieder im Dunkeln tappen: Das neue Lieferzeitfenster gibt dir Planungssicherheit!, Hey! Hast du schon vom neuen "Lieferzeitfenster" bei gehört?,  Copyright:

Never grope in the dark again: The new delivery time window gives you planning security!

Imagine you want to order a gift for a special occasion and are curious when it will get to you. You used to have to wade through numerous emails and delivery status updates to get information about it. This has often caused confusion and uncertainty.

But now everything is different!
With our new " Delivery Time Window " you can see the exact timeframe within which your order will get to you. Simply fantastic, isn't it? You no longer have to grope in the dark and hope for a vague arrival time.

We receive your order from Monday to Friday by 12 p.m. at the latest, has it been paid in full and all personalizations are complete? We will then ship them the same day via Deutsche Post / DHL.
This new feature gives you more control and planning security. From now on you can be sure in our shop that you will receive your order on time and can concentrate fully on other important things.
And with your personal DHL tracking number, you always have an insight into exactly where your package is.

Try it out and experience for yourself how easy and convenient it is to use the delivery time window with us. Enjoy the anticipation when you see that your package arrives on time.
Have fun ordering and giving away!
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