Unser neues “WILLKOMMENS”-Poster für euren Eingangsbereich, Zeigt euren Gästen mit diesem Bild wie sehr sie bei euch willkommen sind., Copyright: 321geschenke.de

Our new WELCOME poster for your entrance area

Isn't it nice when your guests come to visit you? We think that after all the months when it wasn't possible, it's all the nicer now!
You can show them how happy you are with this picture right at the beginning of your meeting and should therefore simply not be missing in your hallway. It brings a touch of natural style to any entryway.
Designed with the clear lines and the simple lettering "Welcome". Personalized with your name and GPS coordinates.

The posters are specially made for you with your information and printed on first-class, semi-matt, high-quality photo paper (280 g/m²).

The wonderful design with the three different color combinations of white, gray or anthracite/black also fits perfectly into your four walls.

Bring variety into your own four walls with the poster and order your new entrance picture right here:

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