Verewige dein Baby-Ultraschallbild auf einem Poster!, Unser kleines Wunder - bestell jetzt das einmalige Poster von deinem Bauchzwerg!, Copyright:

Immortalize your baby ultrasound picture on a poster!

Congratulations on the pregnancy!
We can imagine that you are experiencing this time full of anticipation and excitement and we would like to help you to make this experience even more special.

With our personalized ultrasound image you can create a unique memory of your baby and enjoy this beautiful moment.

With the dedication " Our little miracle " your ultrasound picture will be immortalized and you can look at it again and again in the future and remember this unforgettable time. Added to this are your personal details and the unique examination picture of your little darling.

Of course, you can also use this unique gift to tell your family and friends about the announcement of your baby. Especially the grandparents or the future godparents will definitely shed a few tears when unpacking.

Order it here now!

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